Rob Overly
Principal at H. Robert Overly AIA, LEED AP BD+C, CPHC

Rob overly.jpg

Rob’s professional interests are in sustainable design and planning. He has a masters degree in sustainable design/planning from the San Francisco Institute of Architecture)as well as participatory design/ planning, a focus of his education at North Carolina State University School of Design and the Urban Planning Department at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He is aLEED AP and a Certified Passive House Consultant. As a result of his educational background and interests, Rob has become keenly interested in various approaches addressing sustainability: urban patterns, housing, resource acquisition and use, etc. 

With regards to WASH programs, Rob lean towards being more process driven than product/ technology driven - believing that there are numerous approaches to a problem and that it is incumbent to find a solution that matches the numerous realities inherent in a given location/ situation. Ron is also a strong believer in community participation in the needs assessment analysis with the understanding that it not only assists those involved in better understanding resources in place but creates buy-in of those who will ultimately be responsible for the sustainability of the program.