Brian Jensen
Development Systems Consulting


Brian is a development professional from the US, who focuses on empowering stakeholders through the use of data. Having spent 5 years in Haiti working on monitoring and evaluation for Haiti Outreach he has experience working with local, regional, and national government and managing large data initiatives covering 1/3 of the country of Haiti.

With a focus on the WASH sector in developing countries, Brian aims to facilitate the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6. This bold objective can only be done with the buy-in and leadership of governments to drive a strategy based on data and implemented in a transparent way. His goal is to work closely with Governments to help them to develop, drive and track the implementation of these strategies in a sustainable way; reducing dependency on foreign resources and capacity. Brian is currently working part time for Haiti Outreach, part time for mWater co, and part time as an independent consultant.

Alongside various local and international partners, Brian has developed many data tools that help drive action and increase access to Safely Managed WASH. One such data tool, called the Commune Action Plan is a process of collaboratively collecting data, visualizing it, planning interventions and tracking implementation. The HANWASH initiative uses this tool and, in collaboration with the Haitian Government, applies it to 4 communes. The goal of this project is to set in place a framework where Rotary projects are implemented according to an overarching strategy to achievement of Universal WASH Access. Many of these tools are built on mWater's free platform for data collection, management, visualization and sharing. Brian has long been a super user of the platform and was recently asked to join the mWater team. This will enable Brian to better facilitate projects including USAID/DAI’s WATSAN project tasked at supporting Piped Water Systems in Haiti and several others internationally. As part of the EClub for WASH, Brian continues to help out on the Nigeria WINS project and WINS project in Honduras.