Bob Chagrasulis
E-Club of WASH, Current President


Bob trained as an undergraduate in chemical (biomedical) engineering; following graduate school (physiology) and medical school (University of South Alabama), he then trained in general surgery (Maine Medical Center) and Trauma/Surgical Critical Care (Vanderbilt University).

Bob joined Rotary in 1991 and began Matching Grants to provide water to a hospital in Haiti, as well as point of use filters to patients, the Haitian sugar can cutters and their families, on the sugar cane plantations (bateys) of the eastern Dominican Republic. Coincident with Rotary programs, Bob led medical teams to the sugar cane villages (bateys) and organized multiple Rotary Clean Water Work Teams to the DR to implement filter programs there.

He is Past President of the Calas Maine Rotary Club RD7810 and District Water Management Chair. He is the current President 2019-2020 of the Rotary E-Club of WASH, Rotary District 9980, Dunedin New Zealand.